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Your Family is YOUR Passion,
Your Home is OURS...

What truly makes a house your HOME?

True love costs nothing. Yet takes your EVERYTHING.

Boxes for dishes and rolls of carpet exist on every street corner in America. Appliances on every website. Countertops in any garage.

Home isn’t something you buy. Home is FAMILY. We bring YOUR family, home.


Located Billings, Montana

— Testimonials —

"As an architect, we have a fantastic experience when [they are] involved in one of our custom homes. They are a valuable team member from the design phase all the way through construction. They have a lot of creativity during the interior design process to help the client realize their ideas. They also provide quality products and installation from complete kitchen / bathrooms to flooring. We definitely recommend checking [them out] for your next interior home of commercial project!"

Frank Nienaber

"[They] have been a partner of mine for many years! They provide complete service from design to cabinets to flooring and more! I would highly recommend all of their staff to my family, friends and clients."

Lauri Patterson

"Denise, Rachel and Chris were great to work with and they helped me design the exact bathroom I was imagining!"

Heather Wilkinson

"What an amazing staff that is brilliant and made our home amazingly cozy. I would highly recommend them. Amazing!!!"

Christine Parks

"Fantastic, patient designers. Have everything you need!!"

Patty Barnes

"I called and they were extremely helpful. I was needing a service they didn't provide and readily got me pointed in the right direction. Nice customer service! Thank you!"

Kristin McColly

"Both Jesse and Kolby (installers) were phenomenal. What a great couple of guys. They are superb at their craft and it looks amazing. They are both so friendly and did a great job! I specifically appreciated how clean they kept the space as they completed the project. 10/10 stars! And Jesse got our bathroom tile fixed as well. These guys went above and beyond in every situation. I'm truly so impressed.
In general, my experience working with you has been absolutely perfect!!! You are an excellent communicator and I have always felt that you knew exactly what was going on. I have felt that there has been ZERO stress on your side of this project. I also appreciate that I feel like you truly saw our vision on our project and made it happen. You are excellent at what you do! I will send photos as soon as the fireplace is set. 😆
Thank you so much!"

Shanele Sant
— Home Yellowstone —

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– Our Family –

Home Yellowstone

Welcome to Home Yellowstone. Committed to easing the design process for renovation or construction of residential homes, for over 20 years within the Billings community. Our focus revolves around your family by creating individualized and unique spaces based upon your lifestyle. The Home Yellowstone Family is passionate and will strive to exceed your expectations; delivering a HOME which reverberates FAMILY.